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 Admin Application

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Admin Application Empty
PostSubject: Admin Application   Admin Application EmptySat Jul 25, 2009 4:29 pm

1. Your name on server -

2. Why do you want to be a mod/admin? -

3. What have you done on Idkscape to make it better? -

4. What can you do with mod/admin powers? -

5. Have you ever been Mod or Admin on any other servers? -

6. If you have, Name their IP to their server, or give their MSN of the server owners:

7. Who would recommend you to become a mod/admin , post their name here.

8. Have you ever broken a rule?

9. If you have state it here (or skip step if you haven't).

10. How many hours are you on a day? -

11. Will you be active on my forums ? -

12. Please state your msn/aim/ or yahoo messenger so i can can talk to you -

13. What you can do as a mod? (2 paragraphs or more thats 8 sentences+)

14. Do you own a server or owned one? -

15. If you have put ip here-

16. How old are you?

17. How long have you been playing the server for.

18. Why do you believe you should be Mod/admin?
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Admin Application
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